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I always strive to eat less meat and move my family towards a healthier plant based diet. It can be challenging at times convincing them that a meal does not always need to be based around meat.

If you are trying to do the same in your household, a good place to start is introduce #MeatFreeMonday so that there is one day per week where there is no meat consumed.

Another really easy way to reduce the amount of meat consumed is only have at one meal per day. This is really easily done, if you are having a meat-based dinner just make sure to swap that ham sandwich in the kids lunchbox for a cheese one. This is a small change but can make a dramatic impact.

Here are 5 super easy veggie meal ideas for the whole family to enjoy:

  1. Secret Veggie Pasta Sauce 

Pasta sauce

2. Falafel Burgers 

Falafel burgers

3. Creamy Cauliflower, Broccoli and Cheddar Soup


4. Mushroom Stroganoff 


5. Slowcooker Tomato Soup


I hope some of these recipes give you inspiration for more veg based meals in your home.

Happy cooking,

Dublin Mummy x

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