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It took me 14 months in total to potty train my little boy so i have put together a list of all the things that i did,  a list of what NOT to do:

Do not:

  • Ignore all books and do no research and adopt your own made-up method
  • Offer rewards to your toddler for merely glancing at the potty
  • Do not in desperation make up a lucky dip bag for them to choose one toy from everytime they do a poo, and then when they get frustrated  and don’t produce a poo give them a toy anyways
  • Do not put potty in front of telly, wise toddlers will wangle extra telly time without any produce
  • Do not abandon the potty training after a few weeks because you are going on holidays and couldn’t be bothered
  • After successfully getting them to wee in the the potty, do not then compromise and let them continue poo in the nappy for months on end

If you are about to embark on potty training for the first time, best of luck and if you do none of the above then i am sure it will be very successful.

Dublin Mummy x

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