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I have had a good run of thrillers recently and this ‘domestic noir’ is another that I would recommend adding to your summer reading list. 


What the sleeve says:

How would it feel if you came across yourself in a novel? It is unmistakably you. Worse, it is about something you have never told anyone – anyone living that is.

As Catherine begins The Perfect Stranger by E. J. Preston, she is horrified to read of a day from twenty years ago she’s chosen to forget. Desperate for answers as to who the author is and what they want, she ploughs through the novel, until she reaches the end: the author’s portrayal of Catherine’s death.

Catherine has never met Stephen. But Stephen knows all about Catherine, including the details of her most closely guarded secret, unknown to her husband and son. Now that Stephen has found her secret, he is going to carefully and deliberately expose both it and her, exacting the ultimate revenge.

I thoroughly enjoyed this chilling and imaginative roller-coaster of a novel with so many twist and turns that I honestly couldn’t guess the ending at any point until it was actually upon me.  I give this book a Dublin Mummy 4 star rating*.

Has anyone read this? Did you love it or loathe it?

Dublin Mummy x

* Dublin Mummy book rating guide

1 star = don’t waste your time or money | 2 star = fair | 3 star = good 

4 star = excellent | 5 star = classic