Holiday season is kicking off and the airports are filling up with lots of excited holiday makers. Here are my two hero products to keep your skin hydrated and fresh on a flight so that you don’t disembark at your destination with Sahara-desert skin.

Flight Skin

Do you feel your skin drying-out as soon as your flight is airborne ?  That is  because, apparently, our bodies are designed to feel comfortable when humidity is about 40% to 70%. When you fly, air cabin humidity falls to about 20% and can even be as low as 10%. The recirculated air on flights suck the moisture from your skin.

The best approach i find is to exfoliate and do a good rich hydrating mask the night before a flight and plenty of moisturiser the day of the flight. Once you are in the air that is when my two hero products come into play.

  1. Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream. Apply liberally hands, lips and any dry patches throughout the flight.
  2. MAC Fix +. Mist your face at least twice after take-off. I was introduced to this a couple of years ago by a friend who worked in MAC. She said all the MAC artists swear by it. I used to travel with water sprays but this mineral rich MAC Fix + works much better as a skin refresher.

Of course, drink lots of water on the flight and drinking alcohol mid-air will only dehydrate you more.

Happy travels, Dublin Mummy x