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Oh Benefit all is forgiven for they’re real mascara. I know that they’re real was a fave with people winning beauty awards left, right and centre but it left me cold. A bit like all the fuss that’s oft made about Maybelline Great Lash which i find totally rubbish.

Roller lash on the other hand  is a great mascara that will no doubt become a permanent fixture in my make-up bag.

The packaging is cutesy but i  must admit my heart sank a little when i saw the rubber skinny wand, i much prefer a bristle-y brush. Those rubbery wands always scream gimmick to me but my fears were quickly dispelled as soon as i tried it.

Benefit claim that the mascara will lift lashes, give a long lasting curl and make eyes look more wide open. I am happy to report in this instance, it does exactly that.

The colour is really jet black and gorgeous and there is no clumping. It has great staying power and doesn’t smudge or dry out. My only slight is that i didn’t find it as volumising as i would like but nonetheless it’s still a really good mascara. It will available to buy later this month and it costs €28.

Have you tried it yet? What’s your favorite mascara, let me know in the comments?

Dublin Mummy x