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Nine months on and nine months off! What a load of rubbish. It’s been my experience that it takes the full year after baba arrives to get back to normal and that is if you work at. I know there lots of very lucky ladies out there whose bodies snap back into shape minutes after giving birth but i was not one of those ladies. I had to beat mine off through diet and exercise. 

You know how it is, you start to lose weight and then you get a bit cocky and the biscuits are back  out  and next thing is you are left with that last pesky 1/2 stone that is stubborn to shift. I discovered Anna Richardson 2 week body blitz after baby number 1 and it actually works. I rediscovered it again recently before a girlie weekend away. Now i am not going to say that it is easy but its only 2 weeks and you will lose 1/2 stone at least.

ANNA richardson

The diet is easy to get your head around quickly as it only 5 rules you have to follow which are:

  1. no wheat (but you can have rice cakes, corn cakes, rye bread, ryvita and rice)
  2. no dairy (except for a small daily allowance of skimmed for cereal or tea/coffee)
  3. no booze
  4. no carbs after 6pm
  5. no sugar

It sounds  really frightening at first but its not as hard as it seems. Keep a food journal and weigh yourself every morning (in the buff) and that will keep you motivated as the weight slips off.

A typical day (for me) on this diet

Breakfast: Smoothie

Lunch: soup, salad & Ryvita

Dinner: beef stew with butter beans (recipe from the book)

Snacks: rice cakes with peanut butter, carrot sticks with hummus

This is obviously just an overview, it’s worth getting the book. It’s really easy to read and well laid out and contains loads of recipes.

Good luck,

Dublin Mummy x