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Oh how i love binge telly watching. So much so that i find it  hard to watch only one episode of anything in one sitting. There is nothing better than a cuppa, some chocolate and watching a show after a hard day of mummy-ing.

Sometimes lets face it us mummies are just too bleedin exhausted to watch an entire film at night. These are my recent faves that himself will watch too.  This is important so we can at least pretend we still do stuff together 😉

  • The Missing This BBC gem will keep you on the edge of your seat and even make you forget James Nesbitts cheating ways. This is the story of a couple, Tony and Emily, whose son is abducted while on holidays in France. It follows the couple on their desperate search to find the truth of what happened. In other words, it is a dramatisation of every parents worst nightmare.
  • The MissingBroadchurch This UTV drama is in its second series which is currently airing Monday nights on UTV. Its stars David Tennant of Doctor Who fame and is set in a small idyllic coastal town in England. An 11 year old boy is found murdered and with everyone under suspicion, it threatens to tear the close knit community apart. Its a classic ‘who done it’ police drama with brilliant casting and chemistry between the two investigating officers, Hardy and Miller.


  • Fargo. I think its meant to be loosely based on the Coen Brothers 1996 film. This is one season only and i am sure its to become a cult classic. The writing and casting is excellent with stellar performances in particular from Billy Bob Thornton, Martin Freeman and Allison Tolman. A hit man arrives in a small town in Minnesota and a chance meeting with a local insurance worker leads to a crazy, violent and sometimes funny chain of events.


  • The Leftovers. Comes from the creators of Lost and stars the future and very hot Mr. Anniston. The show opens three years after a worldwide event in which 2% of the worlds population mysteriously disappeared. This is a quirky twisty thing full of mystery and suspense. It is as unusual as it is interesting and compelling.This is one that you could, if you had the time, watch the whole series in one amazing binge.

The Leftovers

  • Modern Family. This is set in sunny L.A and is about the trials and tribulations of a large unconventional family. This is the funniest thing on telly since Gavin & Stacey and is quickly becoming my new Friends.  By my new Friends i mean that i can watch repeats of this show endlessly and still laugh. The characters are great and its so fresh. The best news is that there are 6 series so far so there are lots of laughs and viewing ahead if you haven’t already seen it.

Modern Family

Are you loving/hating any of the above? Any other suggestions for me? Let me know in the comments.

Dublin Mummy x